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Welcome to our premier landscape and construction aggregates supplier serving Westchester County and its surrounding areas. Embracing the Future: Our commitment to our customers is unwavering, ensuring we deliver nothing short of 100%. As a company, we constantly grow and adapt through ongoing education, innovative approaches, and community engagement. Our success is rooted in a deep understanding of the market, supported by a dedicated team of professionals driving the excellence of our products. Stay in the loop by connecting with us on all major social media platforms! @southstreetlandscapesupply #SouthStreetLandscapeSupply #LetsBeLandscapingBuddies #LandscapingIsFun #Gardening #PlantMom #beautifullandscapesbeginhere

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey together, committed to excellence and sustainability every step of the way!

Vanessa Bjorkland, is a seasoned CEO and business owner deeply passionate about fostering strong relationships, empowering women, and driving business success. 

With over 25 years of experience in customer service and relationship building, Vanessa has successfully managed a certified MBE/DBE/SBE business owned by her husband, demonstrating her strategic acumen and leadership skills. Believing in the transformative power of knowledge, she continuously invests in personal and professional growth, because an empowered mind is essential for business success.

Vanessa places a high value on community, as evidenced by her active participation in successful fundraising endeavors and her consistent track record of making a positive impact. As an advocate for diversity and women’s development, dedicated to cultivating environments where everyone can flourish and achieve their goals, Vanessa takes pride in supporting initiatives that elevate voices and create opportunities for all. 

Outside of work, she finds joy in caring for her two Daniffs and nurturing her love for organic gardening as a proud plant mom.

CEO/Customer Service Expert/Community Advocate

Discover her at home, enjoying Spring and Summer days, grilling alongside her husband. Amidst her charming array of birdhouses as she indulges in the tranquil art of birdwatching. With meticulous care, she nurtures her yard, infusing it with beauty through her passion for landscaping and the creation of enchanting rock/Budhha gardens. Creating a calm, serene environment around her and all that she loves.

Executive Administrative Assistant

Vanessa Castro

Vanessa Castro is a skilled Administrative Coordinator at a prominent Trucking Firm and Landscape Aggregate Supply Yard, where her adept management of crucial functions ensures the seamless operation of the company. With a meticulous approach to detail, exceptional customer service, and a rich cultural heritage, Vanessa plays a pivotal role in maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of daily operations.

Her warm and welcoming demeanor, combined with her bilingual language skills, ensures that each interaction is positive and productive.

Vanessa Castro brings her expertise, dedication, and cultural pride to her role as an Administrative Coordinator. Her ability to handle intricate administrative functions, her commitment to fostering exceptional customer experiences, and her embodiment of cherished personal values truly make her an indispensable asset. With her bilingual capabilities and dedication to both her work and her passions, Vanessa continues to inspire colleagues and contribute to the firm’s success.

A Passion for COMMUNITY

We provide critical goods and services, create jobs for local people, bring energy and innovation into our neighborhood!  Empowering Communities through Small Business: Enterprises like SSLS serve as the lifeblood of the communities where we work and reside. We play a pivotal role by offering essential goods and services, generating employment opportunities for local residents, and infusing our neighborhood with energy and innovation. At SSLS, we are committed to giving back to our community, recognizing the interconnectedness that strengthens the fabric of our shared environment.

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